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Santo n Johnny
Santo n Johnny "Sleep Wa"
2012-11-25 07:52:35 (4 Years Ago)
The Everly Brothers
The Everly Brothers "Cathy's Clown"
2013-03-30 19:23:35 (3 Years Ago)
Bill Haley n The Comets
Bill Haley n The Comets "Tamiami" n "Rock Around the Clock"
2012-10-21 04:29:37 (4 Years Ago)
Bobby Vinton
Bobby Vinton "Mr Lonely"
2012-10-14 02:46:17 (4 Years Ago)
Paul Anka
Paul Anka "Melodie D'Amour" n "Put Your Head on my Shoulder"
2012-11-23 09:00:22 (4 Years Ago)
Chuck Berry
Chuck Berry "Back in the USA"
2012-11-25 19:17:14 (4 Years Ago)
Chuck Berry
Chuck Berry "Almost Grown"
2012-11-25 19:17:20 (4 Years Ago)
The Diamonds
The Diamonds "Little Darlin'"
2012-12-16 04:50:23 (4 Years Ago)
Jerry Wallace
Jerry Wallace "In The Misty Moonlight"
2012-10-26 06:55:01 (4 Years Ago)