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Video Description: I do not play April Fools Anybody else a soccer player? An actual conversation I had a McDonald's When someone says I'm a shitty person Finally got to babysit my nephew When someone says "You're Ugly" "You're Cute" Merry Christmas Mixed Signals w/ScottySire When that one friend you don't like tries to give you advice Christmas is here Credit Please W/Brittany Furlan IB: Michael Dennis You're my spirit animal Bitch don't kill my vibe In your wildest dreams The Gabbie Show iHOEs update: who agrees? A little to old for trick or treating Brittany Furlan Using car names during road rage (part 3) Starbucks order ☕ Modern Day Zombie If I were in Mean Girls I don't play games Am I the only one tho? You're in my seat Brittany Furlan Every time I get my hair cut What am I looking at? You better use skim milk Me 99.9% of the time White Girl Prayer There are kids around! When you're put in an uncomfortable situation but the beat is fire... IB: better call saul Anybody else got this friend? The Gay GPS Pedestrians Crossing New video is up!! My favorite comebacks Don't try me hoe Free Hugs ☺ w/Zane and Heath, The Gabbie Show, Meghan McCarthy Showing Up Late To A Party w/ Zane and Heath, lizzza, David Dobrik, Alex Ernst, Logey Dogey I can't stand you! This weeks YouTube is up!! The sexiest guy I have EVER SEEN!!! These bitches playing soccer without the ball GOALLLLLLLLL Firework aka Prostitute... When you think you see "the one" Brittany Furlan, Crosby Tailor When your friend thinks they found a cute girl.. Trying to come out to your straight friends Do you know what the speed limit is? W/Brittany Furlan, Klarity Sia Later Me on dates By y'all's request I did it When you know someone is lying, but you let them finish..... Ran into my old Algebra teacher today My response to everyone "Is it raining?" When I hear people listening to this song. Was that a dog?! How to order Our generation explaining why they failed Biology You and McDonald's have something in common Ratchet Fights (Part 3) w/ Simone Shepherd, Zane and Heath Girls be in lighting like When you know someone is still mad.. Ratchet GPS (Part 2) When people Shhhh me... And I will wear them again tmrw. New Addition to the Bug Collection I never said I didn't like you... Tag a friend that needs to hear this Happy National Pancake Day! No you are not going on a trip...... Grandma's Food Isn't Always The Best I'm always the only one instigating a fight Just Being Manly Ew Cordelia w/ Zane and Heath New YouTube video is up!! Happy Valentines Day!!! ❤❤❤ White Girl GPS Taking Hide And Seek to serious... Zane and Heath, Meghan McCarthy The Struggle It's Called Dental Hygiene My Advice To Y'all Me Everytime I Hear This Sound Effect In A Vine.. YouTube is now up!! Singers that try to show up others at inappropriate times.. (remake of Chrish lmao that vine cracks me up Mah Na Mah Na Brittany Furlan I never said you were a hoe! Oh you ain't get my text? Using Car Names During Road Rage (part 2) Permanently Fleeked Eyebrows Yes I'm well My ponytail is gonna slap a bitch Me opening presents One thing this song forgot to mention... (Fyi that's why I'm single) Shout out to my morning people! Hoe Hoe Hoe w/ lexiglincher Commercials these days I got my SLAY bells Well... Other People At The Stoplight Vs Me BAD- Bitch Ate Donuts Girls This Time Of Year Before Thanksgiving Vs After Thanksgiving BlackFriday w/Zane and Heath Me Trying To Breakup With Someone (part 2) The Bend And Snap Works Everytime! legallyblonde wBrittany Furlan When your neighbor tries to out do you... Da faq? When you ain't got nowhere to be Ya eyebrows ain't on fleek... w/Vincent Marcus Let's tone down the makeup ladies.... It's the gym Me As A Cop Klarity, DeStorm Power, Hannah Stocking Chick-Fil-A is so nice! Every Girl Today alexfromtarget Simone Shepherd, Zane and Heath Call Me Beep Me If You Wanna Reach Me. Someone finally told Felicia Hi! W/Zane and Heath We've been singing it wrong the entire time!!!! Can I Have Some? NEVER go camping with Taylor Swift Me Trying To Breakup With Someone When Someone Interrupts Me During American Horror Story Sketchy ass people. The real suspect in question is Cady Heron Y'all this book Like Bitch if I laugh... It's funny ✌ She Really Thought Yaaaaasssssssss When someone thinks YOUR best friend is their best friend. ✌Cheap for life✌ When it's my turn to cross (Part 2) Not Picasso, Pi-CUTAHOE. ✂✂ Ratchet Fights (part 2) Simone Shepherd, SONYAE ELiSE Bitch you don't know my schedule (reposting by popular request) To the nosey ass people commenting on my life. I'm Finally Coming Out. (Inspired by Lance Billaber) Our generation as Photographers.

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