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Video Description: Alaskan Malamutes are still in use as sled dogs for personal travel, hauling freight, or helping move light objects; some however are used for the recreational pursuit of sledding, also known as mushing, as well as for skijoring, bikejoring, carting, and canicross. However, most Malamutes today are kept as family pets or as show or performance dogs in weight pulling, dog agility, or packing. Malamutes are generally slower in long-distance dogsled racing against smaller and faster breeds and their working usefulness is limited to freighting or traveling over long distances at a far slower rate than that required for racing. They can also help move heavy objects over shorter distances. An adult male Alaskan Malamute can pull around 0.5-1.5 tons of weight (1,000-3,000 pounds), depending on build and training. The Malamute retains more of its original form and function than many other modern breeds.[citation needed] The Malamute personality is one of strong independence.[citation needed] This dog has a long genetic foundation of living in the harshest environment imaginable, and many of its behaviors have adapted to survive in such environments.[citation needed] Independence, resourcefulness, and natural behaviors are common in the breed. Malamutes, like other Northern and sled dog breeds, can have a high prey drive, due to their origins and breeding. This may mean in some cases they will chase smaller animals, including other canines, as well as rabbits, squirrels, and cats; however, this has been difficult to document in detail beyond anecdotal, observational data and many Malamute owners have observed varying levels of prey drive between individual dogs. So while Malamutes are, as a general rule, particularly amicable around people and can be taught to tolerate smaller pets, it is necessary to be mindful of them around smaller animals and, as always with the larger breeds (and some others such as the Chihuahua), supervised around small children. Malamutes are very fond of people, a trait that makes them particularly sought-after family dogs, but unreliable watchdogs. Malamutes are nimble around furniture and smaller items, making them ideal house dogs, provided they get plenty of time outdoors meeting their considerable exercise requirements.[3] If they are year-round outdoor dogs, letting them play in a baby pool filled with cold water in summer keeps them cool. In the winter, they love snow. Malamutes are usually quiet dogs, seldom barking.[citation needed] When a Malamute does vocalize, it often appears to be "talking" by vocalizing a "woo woo" sound. It may howl like a wolf or coyote, and for the same reason.

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